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Background: I'm studying in my room, on my computer because all my class material is online.  I hear a bunch of banging around, a chainsaw going, construction sounds.....I think to myself that it's weird to be doing that in the dark, but whatever. I keep studying, right up until the power goes out.  It is now very dark, so I leave my room to get a flashlight or a candle or something.

As I'm walking past the dining room, I notice it is very orange??? Like an orange light is coming through the patio doors, so I move over to them, open up the curtain, and see:

The house right behind mine was totally on fire, and there were already firefighters working to put it out.  Guess that explains all those sounds!!!

Despite growing up in southern California, I've never dealt with anything like this, so I took some pictures and watched for a bit.  Luckily, it doesn't look like the fire has spread to any other houses! Don't know if anyone was at home at the time - I sure hope not!!

Back to studying for me :'D


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