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 I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend earlier, watching a streamer play some Mario World romhack or something. The guy gets to an underwater stage, and my boyfriend points out that there's no timer for this stage, instead there's a thermometer, and when the temperature reaches either 0 or 70, Mario dies or whatever.

"I get that he's freezing at 0, but why does he die at 70?" I asked.

"Because the water is boiling," he replied.

"No???? Water boils at 100 degrees if it freezes at 0????" 

"It's celsius, though, not fahrenheit. You know, centigrade?"

"............You took Latin in high school, so help me out. Centigrade means what? I'll give you a hint: what number is always associated with percents?"


"Right. The entire basis of the centigrade system is water's phase changes. 0 is freezing, 100 is boiling, it's just easier that way. Compare to fahrenheit, where 32 and 212 are freezing and boiling, respectively, which is totally arbitrary*. Furthermore, I'm really insulted that you would mansplain to me, a medical student, your totally incorrect explanation of temperature systems that I know and use ALL THE TIME."

"Oh my God did I really just mansplain? I'm so sorry, I'm the worst."


Anyways, Mario doesn't get boiled alive, he just burns to death.

*Side note: I know they're not arbitrary and there's a logical reason for those numbers, but it's just not a practical one. I boil and freeze plain water all the time, not brine made from equal parts ice and salt. Seriously Fahrenheit, why????? THIS IS WHY THE REST OF THE WORLD USES CELSIUS.
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